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Et Cetera: November 2021 Week 2

  1. Gereformeerdes en sending
  2. Buig ons voor die groot nuwe Goue Beeld?
  3. Kan ‘n Christen glo in Evolusie?

Gereformeerdes en sending

“Being missional is integral to being Reformed.”

Dikwels sien mense ‘n “spanning” tussen die Gereformeerde leer en sending. Dikwels sien mense die Gereformeerde leer as iets wat kerke verhoed om na buite te kyk en die Woord uit te dra. Is dit die geval? Lees hierdie artikel!

Buig ons voor die groot nuwe Goue Beeld?

“When a kingdom or nation begins to crumble and its leaders feel the pressure to retain their nation’s impending loss of power, they respond with desperate attempts to save their kingdom from imminent fall. The trajectory of Babylon is “Fallen! Fallen! (Rev. 17).” Falling kingdoms desperately attempt to assert their power over their citizens in a unifying manner.”

Lees die volledige artikel hier.

Kan ‘n Christen glo in die Evolusie?

“For these reasons (and others), the church should stand firm in its enduring reading of Scripture’s account of divine creation and remain faithful to its historical position, praising God the Creator for his purposeful creation ex nihilo and of every specific kind of both nonliving and living things.”

Hier is die volledige artikel.

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