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Kersfees – die Woord het vlees geword

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In sy boek, Who is Jesus?, skryf RC Sproul die volgende, “Unfortunately, most ideas about Christ’s identity today, are born of empty speculation, or created to squeeze into a philosopher’s pattern rather than drawn from scripture. The Christ that is born this way, simply won’t do. A recycled Christ, a Christ of compromise, or an imaginary Christ can redeem no one. A Christ who is watered down, stripped of power, debased of glory, reduced to a symbol, or made impotent by scholarly surgery is not Christ but anti-christ. Because to supplement the real Christ with a substitute is to work against Christ. To change or distort the real Christ is to oppose Him with a false Christ. To be redeemed and to have assurance of our salvation, we must rid ourselves of these imitations. We need Christ, the real Christ.”

00:00 Kersfees – die Woord het vlees geword
00:40 Jesus, die Lig, het na die wêreld toe gekom (Joh 1:1-14)
06:00 Post-modernisme vra: Hoe is Jesus nog relevant vandag?
09:12 Jesus is die Waarheid – God se reddingsplan, as Verlosser en Koning
16:58 Is Jesus se geboorte ‘n sentimentele boodskap van goedheid?
19:44 Moet ons met persente ‘n gevoel van troos tydens Kersfees skep?
21:00 Hou vas aan die ware evangelie
26:27 Moet ons Kersfees regverdig?
30:48 Die krip was nie ‘n mooi prentjie nie
32:00 Die skaapwagters en die wyse manne was in verwondering

Skrifverwysings: Luk 2:51, Joh 1:1-14, Joh 18:37, 1 Kor 1:18, Jes 9:1, Joh 14:6, Joh 14:8-9, Fil 2:6-8, Luk 2:18,25-35, Heb 5:10, Open 1:12-20
RC Sproul boek: Who is Jesus?

Aanbieders: Gerhard van Rhyn, Marmix Boersema, Jonker Venter, Jaco de Beer

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